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Why a High-Calorie Breakfast is Good for Weight Gain

16th Feb 21

It is quite common to hear the words weight loss and shedding a few pounds when it comes to weight. However, there are also many people for which weight gain is just as significant. This can be because they have been ill and lost some weight, or are naturally underweight. One of the best ways to gain weight healthily is by choosing a high-calorie breakfast.

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How to Gain Weight Healthily

If you are looking to gain weight, it is important to remember that this should be done carefully and healthily. Like weight loss, there are options and ways to do this that can harm the body and there are options that are safe.

The same factors apply to weight loss and gain. You need to gain weight gradually and over an extended time period, and once you reach that healthy weight, alter your diet so that you stay there.

The most effective way to gain weight is to consume more calories. Consuming more calories doesn’t really narrow it down though. To do this, opt for foods with higher protein or carbohydrate contents, or add more snacks to your day as well as your 3 meals. A routine for your meals is also helpful as eating at different times every day can affect your weight.

It is important to remember that weight gain doesn’t mean start eating more saturated fats and sugars, like chocolate and cakes, as this can increase your body fat instead of your body mass. Exercise is also just as important as this will help turn the extra calories into muscle and body mass instead of just becoming fat.

Speaking to your doctor or referring to the NHS website can help with this issue.

Benefits of a High-Calorie Breakfast

We’ve all heard the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. When you are trying to gain weight, breakfast is a good time to get your calories in. You haven’t eaten for 7-8 hours, so a high-calorie breakfast will give you plenty of energy for the day, as well as providing those calories to help with weight gain.

As we have mentioned already, it is important to avoid sugary and fatty foods for weight gain as this isn’t healthy. When it comes to breakfast, you can choose the full-fat dairy options like milk instead of semi-skimmed. Adding cheese to savoury breakfasts can also be good, but like everything else, in moderation. Adding nuts or fruit is a good way to add calories to your breakfasts. Fruit contains natural sugars and by using it as a snack, you are increasing calorie intake, but it shouldn’t affect your body fat as much.

High-Calorie Breakfast Options

overnight oats as a high-calorie breakfast option

If you are wondering where to start, we have some good options for you. Hot cereals such as oatmeal and cream of wheat can be a good high-calorie option on its own, but they are also good to eat with something else. You can add high-calorie foods such as dried fruit, whole milk, honey or bacon. This way, you are increasing the calorie intake of the cereal healthily.

Another good option for a high-calorie breakfast is eggs. Whether you like eggs as an omelette, scrambled, poached or fried, they are a healthy food that is high in calories. Like hot cereals, you can eat eggs with toast, bacon or sausage. Or when you are preparing them (in the case of scrambled eggs) mix them with full-fat milk, butter or cheese for that calorie boost.

Having a shake or smoothie for breakfast (or even as a snack) can help with those extra calories. Shakes and smoothies can be made up of anything; fruit, dairy, vegetables: the options are endless. Again, you can use full-fat milk or cream, add high-calorie cocoa for a chocolate flavour; it really is up to you.

If you are looking to gain some weight for whatever reason, breakfast is the best place to start. Have a look for some recipes or try something of your own and see how it works for you. Just remember to keep it as healthy as possible when preparing those high-calorie breakfasts.

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