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Ultimate Wellness Allies: Gardening & Exercise

3rd May 19

This is the perfect time of year when your garden at home can be the perfect weekend getaway. And why not – it’s sunny and warm and is the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of lemonade or entertain guests. But have you ever considered how beneficial gardening and exercise can be to your wellness on their own and when paired together?

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The Perfect Outdoor Gym

woman engaged in a yoga pose in her garden

Keeping active has been proven to be, time and time again beneficial to your health. Here we are looking at two types of activity: physical activity and non-exercise physical activity, which is also known as NEPA.

Non-Exercise Physical Activity

NEPA refers to any activity you could be doing that gets your heart pumping, from chores around the house to any DIY that involves getting on your feet or lifting anything. This type of activity is not a stand-in for an actual exercise routine, but it is beneficial and a great ally against a sedentary lifestyle.

Gardening is, of course, a type of non-exercise physical activity. If you are already looking after your garden, you might notice how tired and satisfied you feel after planting something new, cutting the grass or raking leaves in the fall. If you haven’t taken an interest in gardening until now, it is the perfect time to start! You would be surprised to see what a good workout you can get out of doing some chores. For it to count as a workout, though, make sure that you are putting the ‘work’ in. Don’t be afraid to sweat! And as with every type of exercise, make sure to stretch properly so that you won’t be in pain the next day – and most importantly, manage your back.


Your garden is the perfect place to exercise, especially now that the weather is improving. All you need is a matt; any other accessories are not mandatory. Yoga and Pilates are great ideas; you can even invite people over without worrying about them bumping into your furniture. Aerobic exercises would also work perfectly.

Here you can find a list of our favourites:

If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, you can look at playing a sport with your friends or your children.

A Place To Unwind

There are undeniable mental health benefits to having a corner of nature on your doorstep. Gardens are great places to relax and meditate, benefiting your mental health and general mood. You have the freedom to create a space for yourself that will, in time, teach you how to appreciate nature and be more mindful.

Mental Health

It has been proven that gardening can have a great effect on your mental health and could ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. Think about it; you are out and about in nature, soaking up the sun, working on a fairly simple task at your own pace, and later on, you can enjoy the results. Who doesn’t love homegrown vegetables?

Sense of Achievement

Gardening is all about experimenting with different seeds and techniques, but the great thing about it is that it can be both a long-term hobby and a short-term one. And no matter how good you are at it, you will most likely get something out of the work you’ve put in! This can have a wonderful effect on your mood.


While gardening is the perfect opportunity to spend some time with yourself and really live in the moment, there is no rule against involving your friends. Try gardening with your partner, your children or anyone else that might be interested in it. It is a great bonding experience!

Budgeting & Nutrition Made Easier

man planting vegetables in his garden

While many people are getting more involved in choosing better food sources and looking after their nutrition, it can still be pretty intimidating, especially when the choice in supermarkets is so varied and dependent on your budget. Growing your own vegetables and fruits is a great way to cut down on food costs – and you will know exactly where your food came from and what was used to nurture it. Give it a go – try growing your own tomatoes, cucumbers, salads and aubergines. There are a lot of choices, so find what works best for you and your garden.

At the same time, money can be a source of stress for a lot of people. However, gardening is an inexpensive hobby and growing some fresh produce at home will help you save money and relieve some of the stress.

So, there you have it! Your garden can be an incredible ally for your mental and physical well-being. Now that you know how to make the most of this space, you should take advantage of Gardening Week and start improving your own green corner!

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