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The Benefits of Exercising on Your Period

5th Oct 21

We know that when your period comes around, the thought of exercising is the last thing on your mind. However, exercising on your period can actually make you feel better! Whether it is PMS or menstrual cramps, exercising can be beneficial in many ways.

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Reduce Menstrual Cramps

When we exercise, our body releases endorphins. These endorphins can alter the perception of pain, making cramps feel better. This is because endorphins block the pain receptors in your brain, helping to stop pain signals sent by your uterus contracting. Therefore, whilst it is difficult to get out of bed when you have cramps, it is important to stay active. 

Improve Your Mood

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PMS can cause emotional symptoms, making you feel more depressed or irritable. This is due to the hormonal fluctuations your body experiences before and during your period. However, exercising on your period releases endorphins which can reduce depression and anxiety. Exercise can also improve our sense of well-being and self-esteem which always helps your mood. 

Reduce Fatigue

Your estrogen levels are at their lowest when you are on your period, causing people to feel less energetic and more fatigued.  This tiredness can make it hard to keep up with your usual exercise routine. However, in order to boost your energy levels, it is important to stay on track and get the heart pumping. 

Exercises That Can Help


Yoga is a relaxing way to do some exercise on your period. It can help you physically and mentally, as well as improve your mood. Therefore, it is the perfect way to reduce all your symptoms when you are on your period. 

Light Cardio

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Light cardio is a great way to get your heart rate up without straining yourself. For example, a gentle run or walk can help your period symptoms without being too strenuous, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. 

Home Workout

We know that it might be hard to get out of bed, never mind leave the house. However, when you are not in the mood to see anyone or go outside, home workouts can save the day.  Exercising from your house has many benefits and is a great way to fit some activity in without having to go to the gym. 

It is important that you do not push yourself too hard when you are exercising on your period. That is why it is essential to keep your exercises simple. Remember to trust your body and to rest when you need it. However, if you are in desperate need to help your period symptoms, make sure to get moving and stay active! 


Before beginning any exercise or nutrition program, consult your physician, doctor or other professional. This is especially important for individuals over the age of 35 or persons with pre-existing health problems. Exercise.co.uk assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property damage sustained using our advice.

If you experience dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or any other abnormal symptoms, stop the workout at once and consult a physician or doctor immediately.