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How To Create A Healthy Meal Plan

16th Nov 21

Building a healthy meal plan can help you improve your self-esteem and boost your confidence in the kitchen. In addition, trying new things with your cooking can give you more insight into what foods work for you and what portion sizes are most beneficial on your health journey. Rather than other diets, meal plans allow you to make sure you are regularly eating and not skipping meals and can help you to stay on track with your fitness journey.

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Creating a Plan

To create your healthy meal plan, you must first decide how many meals you will prepare and how many days that will cover. A beginner should start small and prepare about two meals per day so that you have the opportunity to gain confidence before trying a more advanced approach. Those who are more experienced may prepare at least three meals a day, even freezing excess food if they have created over three days’ worth.

Portion Sizing

a young man preparing a healthy meal

Never limit your food intake to unhealthy extents; it is important to stay healthy. However, when planning a meal plan, portion size must be taken into consideration. It will help you understand how much food you need throughout the day, as well as learn to measure your food with your eyes, which is helpful when you are eating out. A tip for not overdoing your portions is to eat on a smaller plate. It is natural to want to pile more food onto your plate due to its size; we want to fill any empty space. So, a smaller plate may help you to control your portions. 

Food Contents

To begin your meal preparations, you have to create a list of foods. This list must contain foods you enjoy but also cover the necessary food groups you need, such as protein, veggies, fruit, etc. Then, make sure to experiment with your food and try new things with your cooking. It can become easy to get bored with continuous meals, making you more likely to give up. That is why it’s essential to try different and colourful vegetables with your meals. Trying new things can help you broaden your food choice and help you understand how food reacts with your body. 

Creating a meal plan is the perfect way to ensure you stick to a healthy, personalised diet. It helps you to understand your body and preferences better and gives you the opportunity to experiment with healthy foods. Partner your diet with a fun workout in order to reach your health goal and enjoy developing your healthy meal plan.

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