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Get Outside: The Mental Benefits of Being Outdoors

11th Jun 21

Did you know that just going outside can have massive benefits to your mental health? After the last few years, it’s important to remember that fresh air, being out in nature and being around other people can help give us a boost that not many other things can. We have put together the key benefits of being outdoors so you can make the most of it!

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Lowers Anxiety & Stress

The first benefits of being outdoors are that it can help lower anxiety and stress. Just being outside and not closed within 4 walls lowers your cortisol levels, reducing any stress and anxieties you may have. A side effect of stress and anxiety can also be muddled or circling thoughts, which being outdoors can help clear, making your thoughts more positive and easier to manage. As a result, this can improve your sleep, which can generally improve your mood and boost your energy, making you feel happier and healthier.

Boosts Self-esteem

A clearer mind helps you focus on more positive things. That’s why the next benefit of being outdoors is that it boosts self-esteem. People generally feel happier out in the daylight, but fresh air and being surrounded by nature can help you have a more positive and confident outlook on yourself and your day.

Increased Vitamin D

woman outside, arms wide, embracing the sunlight, a benefits of being outdoors

Even if the sun isn’t out, you can still get vitamin D from being outdoors. Vitamin D is vital to the body’s function as it absorbs calcium to help keep your bones and muscles strong. A benefit of having enough vitamin D in your system is that it also aids in reducing depression. This is because it helps the brain to function, and a deficiency of vitamins can mean you are more likely to become depressed. It’s called the sunshine vitamin for a reason!

Speeds Up Healing

Being outdoors can also speed up healing, particularly if you have suffered a big injury or illness. Research has shown that being outside can reduce levels of pain and stress. A side effect of being badly injured or ill is that you are more likely to suffer from anxiety, stress and even depression. If being outdoors reduces those things, then you are already better off in your recovery than before. All of this can then help the body focus on healing as it is no longer managing stress and anxiety.

Improves Sleep

older woman in bed, happy and stretching, the benefits of being outdoors

The final benefit of being outdoors is that it can improve your sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping for any reason, getting some fresh air can really help to calm you enough to help you sleep better. Better sleep means a healthier mind, one that can focus and function better day to day.

Going outdoors, even just for a few minutes, can have endless benefits for your mental health. If you’re someone who feels they don’t suffer with their mental health, even just feeling a bit down can count. So no matter how you are feeling mentally, get yourself outside and breathe in that fresh air. It really will do you a world of good!


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