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Can Healthy Fats Help Weight Loss?

14th Oct 21

When it comes to dieting and nutrition, it can easily become complicated. Most people do not associate fats with health and try to avoid them altogether. However, for a healthy, well-rounded diet, fats are necessary for many reasons. In fact, healthy fats are beneficial for weight loss. To understand how these healthy fats can help you, it’s essential to know all the benefits and distinguish between good and bad fats. 

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In order to lose weight and maintain it, it is helpful to boost your metabolism. Healthy fats have the ability to speed up your metabolism rate, which means the number of calories your body will burn. Eating healthy fats can also help control your appetite. Fat makes you feel full, which helps prevent overeating. Therefore, you need less food to feel fulfilled, and so it prevents weight gain and can contribute to weight loss instead. 


A man and woman eating a healthy snack after working out at the gym.

In an effort to lose weight, both exercise and diet must be considered. However, exercising does come with risks that fats can help with. These fats are good for after your workout as they can help with your recovery. Fat helps with muscle tissue repair and, therefore, soreness after a workout too. Eating healthy fats will allow you to fully recover before your next workout and therefore build muscle. It is very important to allow for proper recovery after working out to lose weight and stay healthy. 


Healthy fats are also important for the heart, brain, and body cells. These fats can help maintain a balance in blood sugar levels throughout the day by reducing spikes. Consuming healthy fats can also help your body absorb essential nutrients and fat-soluble vitamins. In order to stay fit and healthy, nutrients must be consumed for many physical and mental health reasons. When losing weight, it is vital that you stay healthy first. Fats can help to maintain your health throughout your weight loss journey.

Good Fats

Foods high healthy fats like, salmon, avocado and nuts.

Good fats are healthy for you and are known as Omega 3 and 6. Foods with these fats include:

  • Fatty fish such as salmon
  • Avocados
  • Nuts and nut products such as, nut oils and butter
  • Vegetable oil and olive oil

For more information about foods that contain good fats, check out our article on 8 Foods High In Healthy Fats.

Bad Fats

Most saturated fats and trans fats are considered unhealthy and therefore not ideal for losing weight. Food that contains high amounts of unhealthy fast include:

  • Fried foods such as fried chicken and doughnuts
  • Fatty red meats such as bacon and sausage
  • Buttere, margarine and lard

It is clear that fats are vital for a healthy diet. Eating good fats has numerous health benefits and is also helpful when losing weight and building muscle. Therefore, these fats must be introduced to your diet in order to stay fit and healthy whilst also reaching your goals. However, it is important to differentiate between the fats you are eating to achieve your weight loss goals, so make sure to read our article on The Difference Between Good Fats & Bad Fats to find out more.

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