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Yoga When Pregnant

15th Mar 19

Yoga and pregnancy are two things that you might not immediately associate with one another, but the two can actually be extremely complimentary to each other if you know what you’re doing and brush up on some of your yoga knowledge. There is a lot to be wary of, but if you stay safe and listen to your body, you’ll see the benefits of yoga when pregnant at any stage.

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Good for circulation

Yoga, whether you are pregnant or not, is still going to have a huge range of benefits. When you are pregnant, though, things change a little, and you need to compensate by looking at some of the benefits that may not be as relevant for those that aren’t pregnant. A fantastic way to start looking at this is what yoga can do for your circulatory system. It’s a great way you to get the blood flowing all around the body without having to do anything too intensive or that will put you or your baby at risk.

Mental Wellbeing

Not only does yoga when pregnant have a positive physical impact, but it’s also as great for your mental wellbeing. The different practices involved like the breathing poses, for example, all help you to centre yourself and can really help with a lot of the more mental or hormonal symptoms that come alongside pregnancy. You will feel much more relaxed and generally happier with pregnant life, and you may also find new outlooks on being pregnant and what you are going through that could really change the game. You may even find someone in a similar situation to share such attitudes with or be able to relate over what you’re both experiencing.


Other physical aspects are helped too when it comes to yoga when pregnant. You’ll be doing a lot of different stretches and techniques that can help you with everything from how you feel about what’s going on around you, through to your posture and digestive system. It really is an incredible way to affect your entire being in different ways.

Pregnant lady doing yoga


As good as yoga may well be, it isn’t without its risks. Pregnancy as a whole can be a risky situation no matter what it is you’re doing, and when you are pushing your body to do anything, you can pose risks, no matter how slight. Keep these things in mind as you do it. It’s also worth noting here that classes for yoga when pregnant are available and advisable too, so that you have guidance and help throughout.


So, as you first start with yoga when pregnant, you need to find your feet. The most dangerous stages of pregnancy are in the first and the third trimesters, so these are often when you need to be keeping on your toes. In your first trimester, it’s actually a lot wiser to focus on the much easier and more light-hearted poses rather than doing any drastic stretching and really making sure that your breathing exercises are done!

Lying down

Make sure that you don’t put yourself in any particularly dangerous positions during your yoga. Anything that involves lying down flat on your front or your back is a bad idea! The same applies to any really drastic movements. Your centre of balance is going to be shifting drastically throughout your pregnancy, don’t let it catch you off guard.

Overall, yoga when pregnant can be a really good idea as long as you take it easy and you know what you are doing. Look for someone or somewhere you can do it safely with and seek help if you feel like you need it. Work at your own pace and stay calm and relaxed throughout. That’s what it’s all about after all.


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