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Top 5 Best Exercise Bikes of 2021

4th Jan 21

Exercise bikes are a great piece of exercise equipment that can help you get fitter, lose weight and improve your cardio. They are designed so that you can exercise in the comfort of your home, without having to lose much space. But it can be hard to know what equipment is best for you. So keep reading to find out what’s top 5 best exercise bikes of 2021 are going to be…

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  1. Inspire IC1.5C Indoor Cycle Bike
  2. Circuit Fitness AMZ-948BK Club Revolution Cycle
  3. Marcy ME-706 Recumbent Bike
  4. Marcy ME-702 Regenerating Bike
  5. Davina Folding Exercise Bike

1. Inspire IC1.5C Indoor Cycle Bike

1. Inspire IC1.5C Indoor Cycle Bike

At number one, we have the Inspire IC1.5C Indoor Cycle Bike, new to for 2021 and the perfect Peloton alternative. Designed to get the best cardio workout you can in your own home, this bike has a 14kg flywheel with magnetic contact-free resistance, resistance adjustment and push to stop knob. This means you can push yourself to the limits, without running out of options.

Instead of a console, the Inspire cycle bike comes with a tablet stand instead. This is so you can pair your device and your fitness app with the bike through its Bluetooth connectivity. This bike is sleek and modern and allows you to store all of your data on your phone, instead of uploading to your device yourself.

But it gets better! If you buy this bike through, it comes with a free 1-Year subscription! This offers you the ability to join live workout classes run by Inspire Fitness trainers, all from your own home. The subscription also allows you to track your progress and follow training programs to save you time and make the most out of your workout.

Coming 85% pre-assembled, there’s no surprise it came first in our top 5 best exercise bikes because you’ll be getting fit and healthy in no time!

2. Circuit Fitness AMZ-948BK Club Revolution Cycle

Is the Inspire IC1.5 cycle a bit out of your price range? Not to worry, why not try the Circuit Fitness AMZ-948BK Club Revolution Cycle instead. Partially assembled on arrival for minimal maintenance, this cycle comes with an easy-to-use manual resistance and a 13.6kg perimeter-weighted flywheel, making this bike perfect for home use.

Designed for comfort, the Circuit Fitness AMZ-948BK Cycle also comes with a 2-axis adjustable seat that can be moved both horizontally and vertically, and adjustable handlebar heights. These features make this bike easy to use, and adjust so the whole family and use it quickly and easily.

Comfort aside, this bike is perfectly modern for working out from home. Extra features include a water bottle holder and media holder, so you can keep hydrated and entertained whilst still working out. The pedals come equipped with toe cages to keep you secure when you really build up the speed, and when you are done, the little transport wheels allow you to move the bike with ease, either into another room or into storage.

If you’re looking for something modern and sleek, but still affordable for your home, the Circuit Fitness AMZ-948BK Club Revolution Cycle is just the bike for you!

3. Marcy ME-706 Recumbent Bike


Another new addition to is the Marcy ME-706 Regenerating Magnetic Recumbent Bike. This bike comes with a large high-density foam padded seat with multi-axis adjustment, meaning you can get a full workout whilst still being comfortable and supported.

The ME-706 is also self-regenerating, meaning that the console is powered by you pedalling, meaning no wires or batteries. During your workout, the console will keep you up to date with your statistics such as time, distance, RPM, speed, calories, body fat and pulse stats. So you can keep an eye on your progress throughout your workout.

To make sure you get the best workout as well, this bike comes with 23 different programmes so you’ll never run out of options. By offering this, you can tailor the workouts to your own needs, whilst also offering plenty of room to progress.

The bike itself comes with built-in adjustable levellers. This means that you can put it anywhere you need, and it will balance out on most surfaces. There are also transport wheels on the stabilisers so that you can easily move it somewhere else should you want to put it away when you are finished.

This is the perfect bike for anyone wanting to get a great cardio workout in comfort!

4. Marcy ME-702 Regenerating Bike

Marcy ME-702 Regenerating Bike

The Marcy ME-702 Regenerating Exercise bike is our 2021 Award-Winning Exercise Bike. It is perfect for getting a full cardio workout from one machine without the need to plug it into the wall. Though it is one of our higher-priced bikes, it has tonnes of features that make it worth the extra cost.

With a lightweight, whisper-quiet flywheel, and a solid steel frame, the ME-702 is a sturdy machine that will keep you exercising for years. Not to mention it doesn’t need plugging into a wall. This exercise bike is powered by the energy created whilst you use it. This means that you can use it anywhere anytime without being restricted to a mains socket. It also provides you with 13 different workouts so you will never run out of options when it comes to your workout. Plus, if you don’t like the ones provided, there are 4 free slots to make your own!

But that’s not all; the handlebars come with integrated pulse sensors so you can keep track of your heart rate on the LED Screen. The console also shows your speed, distance, calories burned, RPM, recovery, and time. You can even watch your favourite program or scroll through social media whilst you’re exercising with the small phone/tablet stand and built-in speaker.

It also allows you to adjust the seat to accommodate any height and has small transport wheels so you can move it around easily. With an assembly time of 1-2 hours, you can be up and running in no time at all! What is there not to love.

5. Davina Folding Exercise Bike

4. Davina Folding Exercise Bike

Not got a lot of space for exercise? Then the Davina Folding Exercise bike is perfect for you. This machine is light and small and folds away to be stored easily when it isn’t in use. The style is simple and sleek, with a splash of colour, either yellow, orange or blue, to brighten up your space.

Not only is it convenient, but it also comes with all of the features expected of a bigger exercise bike. It comes with 8 tension levels to work through and a clear, LED display that shows you your workout information. It also reads your pulse, which is picked up through the pulse sensors on the handles.

The large padded seat and anti-slip pedals can be adjusted to accommodate most people. This makes this bike one of the best exercise bikes for anyone with a low budget and little space.

So if you are looking to get started on some serious cardio this year, and want the best exercise bikes available, head over to for the full range!


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