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Full Inspire IC1.5 Indoor Bike Review

6th Sep 21

Looking for a new indoor bike to boost your fitness and give the buzz of the spin studio, from the comfort of your own home? Discover the Inspire IC1.5.

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Watch it in action

Shop the Inspire IC1.5 Indoor Cycle Bike – just £899.00 at!

About the Inspire IC1.5

The Inspire IC1.5 is a stylish and sturdy bike that arrives 85% pre-assembled. It is brilliantly constructed and durable; crafted from heavy duty steel with an electrostatic powder coating, this indoor cycle also boats non-slip polyurethane handlebars.

The beauty of this bike is that it perfectly adjusts to your body, offering a four-way adjustable seat and two-way adjustable handlebars, so you can create an arrangement that is most comfortable for you. Its double-sided flat or caged pedals also promote a safer foot position.

The 31lb flywheel produces a beautifully smooth continual motion, with its whisper-quiet magnetic system that makes your workout even more seamless. It’s very easy to turn up or down the intensity, and there’s also a quick stop feature for added safety.

The bike showcases a sleek matte black design with red features. Other useful features include a water bottle holder and front located transport wheels, which make for easy transport around the house. There is also a device holder between the handlebars, allowing you to use and connect your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth – you could use the Inspire Fitness App, which you can enjoy with 1 year’s free membership and $8.39 per month thereafter. This app is jam-packed with Live and On Demand sessions, as well as workout plans and an exercise library. While you pedal, you’ll also get feedback on your time, speed, distance, resistance and more, perfect for staying motivated and going for your PB.

The bike has dimensions measuring 54cm x 117cm x 107cm when assembled, and weighs in at 34kg (74lb). It can take a maximum user weight of 136kg (300lb). All in all, the Inspire IC1.5 bike is a solid, durable indoor cycle that holds its own against other leading brands… a great alternative to Peloton!

Shop the Inspire IC1.5

Inspire IC1.5 Indoor Bike from

Shop the Inspire IC1.5 Indoor Cycle Bike today – just £899.00 at There’s never been a better time to be bitten by the indoor cycling bug and see your fitness soar!


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