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Boxing Hand Wraps & How to Use Them

25th Jun 19

Punches are the frontrunner of any fighter’s arsenal. They’re fast, variable, and extremely effective for dealing damage, but how do you protect from the damage that they cause to yourself? (Hint, it’s hand wraps!)

Putting that much force into any movement is going to have repercussions. When your hand hits the target, the shock that it creates is absorbed through you too on impact, and as we’re sure you know, hurts.

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Now the obvious way to protect yourself initially is using gloves; it would be extremely dangerous not to use them. They offer added layers of protection and padding to make sure you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else too badly, and they absorb a lot of the impact too, so it’s a win-win. But they aren’t always enough.

A punch can cause you damage in multiple different ways. In fact, it’s one of the causes of the most common boxing injuries. The main issues are tearing the skin, dislocating bones, breaking bones or damaging joints, bruising, and even doing serious damage to your wrists, so there more protection you can get, the better.

That’s where hand wraps step in:

What Do Hand Wraps Do?

woman wrapping hand wraps around her hand

Hand wraps are the answer to all of these problems as a one-stop-shop to your own safety. They wrap around your hands from your fingers through to your wrists to ensure that everything remains tight and where it needs to be and offers even more layers between you and what you’re hitting in a less absorbent and denser way than gloves can. This means that they help every single issue we mentioned above!

They are easy to apply and can even come in variations that allow you to just slip them on for when you aren’t going all out and are just practising on your bag work. All you need to do is secure them around your thumb and wrist, before then wrapping your wrist and fingers in an alternating pattern, wrapping each finger individually.

The Technique

man showing hand wrap technique

Loop your thumb and wrap your wrist several times, and then do the same with your hand above the thumb.

Wrap through your fingers individually using an x type motion.

Once you’ve gone between each individual finger, wrap your thumb and then go around your hand again to lock it in place.

Finally, now you’ve done all of your fingers, wrap around the knuckles and wrist until comfortable, and you can still make a fist well, and you’re good to go.

This is important as your wrists are very easily injured when it comes down to punching. You can easily break a bone in your hand whilst training or fighting, so these wraps are really effective in offering the support that most gloves just can’t. They keep you going strong without any injury which could take you out of your game for months. As you get better, they help you to minimise injury and maximise punching power. They are pretty vital really; learn how to use them.

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