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Basketball Buying Guide

15th Aug 23

This one’s going to be short but sweet, but we had no idea just how many sizes of basketball there actually are! And boy, can it be confusing. So, we thought, why not write a Basketball Buying Guide? Fingers crossed, it’ll be a slam dunk…

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Why So Many Sizes?

Well, that was our exact thought. But with a little research, we’ve discovered exactly why. Naturally, the sizes relate to the best ball for children and adults, with both circumference and weight changing depending on who’s playing ball. Selecting the correct size ball for your level of play is vital to help you perform at your best and to nail that swish!

Ball Size Guide

There are five sizes of basketball, size 7, size 6, size 5, size 4 and size 3. Read on to discover these in more detail:

  • Size 7 – This is the NBA standard ball size for men’s professional basketball. Measuring 29.5 inches in circumference and a standard weight of 22oz.
  • Size 6 – Measuring 28.5 inches in circumference with a weight of 20oz, this is the official size for women’s professional basketball, including FIBA and WNBA.
  • Size 5 – Best suited to children aged 8 and under and measuring 27.5 – 27.75 inches with a weight of 14 – 16oz.
  • Size 4 – Ideal for children under six; the smaller size and weight is perfect for those with smaller grips. Measuring 25.5 inches in circumference with a weight of 14oz.
  • Size 3 – The smallest of the group but by no means any less important, this ball is perfect for children aged 4 and under with a circumference of 22.5 inches and a weight of 10oz.

Did You Know?

It’s believed that the size 6 ball was introduced to give women’s basketball a new edge. The smaller and lighter ball is due to the fact that female players often shoot further away from the net with greater accuracy.  

Basketball also has great physical and mental benefits; read more here.

Now we’re hooped up on balls; use our Basketball Buying Guide to help you choose the right ball and get out there and give it ago. Who knows, you could become the next Michael Jordan or Troy Bolton…


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