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8 Healthy Habits To Make or Break Weight Loss

15th Nov 19

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: losing weight is one of the most popular health goals in the world. There are countless reasons for it and even more ways to go about trying to do it. For some people, it happens without trying, and for others, it feels like an impossible challenge. It doesn’t have to be your sole purpose, though. We’re here with weight loss habits to help you reach your weight loss milestone in a way that’s sustainable, healthy, and actually achievable. They might not all be right for you, but they are all viable if they do.

Let’s talk through them.

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Exercise More

This one may not be much of a surprise, but it’s a tried and tested way to help you shift some of those excess calories which could be just the thing you need to start losing weight. It sounds obvious, but it really works. It’s not all running and weight lifting either. You can do anything from playing a sport or finding a new hobby to simply getting out of the house more often and even using it to get places, i.e. cycling or walking.

Cross Train

Cross-training is another excellent weight loss habit you need to know about if you really want to maximise your progress. It basically means that as well as burning calories in the exercise that you like doing, which is mostly cardio, mix it up. Try doing weight lifting as 25% of your workouts and see what the difference is. It raises energy expenditure and helps you burn fat even with slightly more calories in your diet.

Active Living

Active living is kind of a cross of the two points above, and yet in its own league completely. It’s basically the idea of moving more in your everyday life. You might be thinking, duh, that’s exercise, but active living can be even more than that. It’s simple little changes, a lot like HIIPA, which means to be more active in everyday life. Take the stairs, or take regular squat breaks at the office. Standing desks, chair workouts… Do whatever works for you to help burn just a few extra calories. It can make all the difference

Active Commuting

Active commuting takes the point above to another level. Instead of just living more actively, really make the most of your time and change up your work commute too. Cycling instead of driving or getting off the bus or train a stop early and walking the difference. All of these tiny changes can have a huge impact on your weight loss goals, and they might even save you time and money in the process. That’s something that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Healthy Snacking

Moving things into the realms of nutrition, and switching up what you snack on, whether that’s at work or at home, can be an awesome way to create new healthy weight loss habits too. It helps to cut down on fats and sugars and also helps to give you vital macro and micronutrients that could be missing elsewhere in your diet by snacking on the junk or processed foods. (Even subbing out sugar in your coffee can be a game-changer!)

Here are some ideas!

Cook More

Cooking more can be potentially the most significant player in your weight loss. There is a whole range of reasons for it. The biggest reason is that it helps to reduce the amount of processing your food undertakes. There are no additives, preservatives or sweeteners. It’s all healthier, more organic alternatives which are awesome for saving those calories.

Drink Less

This is no surprise really, although it might not be something that you want to hear. Alcohol is full of calories, and they’re empty calories at that. (That means they have no real nutritional value). They can tip you over the edge and give you a huge calorie surplus for your week as a whole just from one night of binge drinking. That’s an easy way to undermine all of that hard work that you’ve been doing all week. It’s just not worth the effort. (Take a look here for more).

Don’t Be Too Strict

The last thing that we’re looking at here is how strict you are with yourself. That’s one of the best ways to make sure you stay on track, and you’re actually losing weight in a way that’s healthy and can be a sustainable healthy diet in the long run. You need to not be so hard on yourself. Give yourself a break. Have the odd cheat, meal, do the things you like, just not all the time. If you cut out something you love, it’ll be near impossible to stick to. Little steps that last a lifetime are better than leaps which cave after a month. Remember that.

There are tonnes of other weight loss habits out there which affect your weight and your weight management more specifically. Just be careful with your calorie consumption and try and be as healthy as you can. It’s worth giving all of these a try and seeing which work best for you. Good luck!


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