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4 Week Rowing Machine Workout Plan

19th Jul 19

Rowing machines are extremely effective pieces of cardio equipment, especially for burning fat. Providing a full-body workout that burns some serious calories, a rowing machine is an excellent investment for your home gym. If you’re a newbie to the rower and want to know the best place to start, take a look at our 4-week rowing machine workout plan, which includes a combination of HIIT, LISS and distance workouts.

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  1. HIIT Workouts
  2. LISS Workouts
  3. Distance
  4. The Workout Plan

HIIT Workouts

To avoid your rowing machine workout plan becoming dull, we’ve mixed up a combination of different workout styles. First up, HIIT workouts. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, involves going all out for a short duration of time and then resting for a short duration of time. You then repeat. It’s one of the best ways to burn a high number of calories in a short period while still building up muscle definition.

LISS Workouts

LISS is almost the opposite of a HIIT workout. Low-intensity steady-state cardio involves a slower, longer workout like walking for 45 minutes instead of running for 20 minutes. That means you can go for a much longer period of time and burn calories more gradually. You’re actually burning the most fat per calorie burned, even if the total number of calories burned is lower than a HIIT workout. This is useful if you are just starting, have pain issues or a looking for a slower workout.


Woman doing a rowing machine workout

Finally, we have distance. An awesome way to make the most of your rowing machine is by rowing until you hit a distance or a milestone and then identifying how long it takes you. This way, you can continue to improve your results and make your workouts even harder. You’re essentially competing against yourself!

The Workout Plan

It’s most effective to be working out on your rowing machine three times per week. That way, you have time to recover in your shoulders, back and knees, which are all being used intensely whilst promoting gradual progress. Recovery is vital, after all.

Week / Day



Week 1

MondayLISS25 Minutes
WednesdayHIIT10 Minutes
FridayDistance750 Metres

Week 2

TuesdayHIIT15 Minutes
ThursdayDistance1000 Metres
SaturdayLISS30 Minutes

Week 3

MondayDistance1500 Metres
WednesdayLISS35 Minutes
FridayHIIT20 Minutes

Week 4

TuesdayHIIT25 Minutes
ThursdayLISS40 Minutes
SaturdayDistance2000 Metres

Download the plan here:

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